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Throwdown lyrics : "This Is Where It Ends"

This is where it ends

These half-asses cliche suicides

are getting old and getting under my skin
These rich degenerates and cocaine !@^%s
have worn their welcome out

and worn my patience razor thin
They breed like rats
and laugh their way through life

and spread a plague of useless and pathetic trends
Now every tear you cry is drawing flies
but that's just fine 'cause listen up, son

This is where it ends

You piss your sorry life away
I pray each day for floods
to wash the bull%#@! back to where it bred

Don't cry to me when all is lost
to self-inflicted holocaust
'cause now my pity's buried with the dead

I'll force you to drown
I'll force you out
I'll show your face unto the world

and every dying jinky friend
Now dry those sunken eyes
You chose to make this hell your life

Now listen up, son

This is where it ends

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