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THRONEAEON lyrics : "Neither Of Gods"

restricted rules applied, deprived on our exemption
why impose gods will
afraid of the suffering inside your own head

why do you fear the things we believe
when you speak the words you despise

how can you say we’re guilty of sin
as your greed for rule has lost control

deluding the flock
their choice is only what you decide
the end of the mob, their failure your end

and now the words defied
this love you said is only hate misspelt

praise of the conflict to kill off your lamb
and you are not my god
a war to preserve our sights of rebirth

your love bestowed a hundred fold in return
pestilent creatures begone from this earth
our father is coming to bash your jesus dead

proclaim your christ descended
we laugh at your attempts

take of what’s before us
but you are neither of gods

their guilt for you, no guilt for us
a tarnished heart is gained from light
come to bear his crown of thorns

oh, take his pain my sin shall be

how does it feel to become what you’ve feared

self-proclaimed to act gods right hand
taking his place making god to a fool
if you believe you’ll be dead at the meeting with god

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