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By far the worst is the hamburger lady
We must meal her for the qualified technicians
Qualified technicians

The worst
Alternating nights with her, unrelievedly
She's lying there

Hamburger Lady
Hamburger Lady

She's lying and
She's burned from the waist up

She's burned from the waist up
On her arms
Her ears burned

Top of her nose
Her eyelashes and everything are burned
She can't hold anything

And the medical advances
There is no end in sight
For hamburger lady

When somebody tells you
That there's a level of pain
Can't reach the human mind

Can't reach that level of pain
Put the lady on the propping chair, unrelievedly
Burned from the waist down

That's what keeps her alive, through tubes
One of the nice nurses

Hamburger Lady
Hamburger Lady

He was okay when he changed the tubes
The tubes in her legs
Tubes in her arms

And he managed okay
Then he came out and he saw one of the burn nurses
Burn nurses sat at the desk

He was eating a can of Chile-Mac
And it flashed on the carpet
It flashed on the floor

The hamburger lady
Stretched as she came through
Ask her to stretch

Burn in her hair, unrelievedly
Couldn't keep their meal down
The qualified technicians

Hamburger Lady
Hamburger Lady

Two minutes in every three minutes of everyday
24 hours she sleeps in pain

There's no level to pain
Propped on the propping chair
Couldn't keep their last meal down

The qualified technicians
Not safe to touch what keeps her alive?
Nobody came to visit hamburger lady

It flashed on the floor

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