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THREE SHEET lyrics : "Stand Still"

As life gains momentum, it loses time
Slips away, best to just move in strides
Those who divide separate the oneness

And when It comes to fun there's none abundance
The time has come to stop for the munchkins
Little ones outside some without lunches

The playgrounds around they look empty
It seems that a television set is more friendly
Thank god I survived the broadcast

And that my $$# no longer requires a hall pass
Made an escape, then faded away
And came back stronger than ever, hooray for me!

Big deal, still scrape for a meal
Still makin' a PB n J with the heals
I don't let it get to me yes I can chill

In this rat race don't be afraid to stand still (I'm not leavin') x4


I stand still so nobody sees me
I stand still I'm so sick of speeding

Race well my friends and keep breathing
I'm staying put for I'm not leaving

You need to stop and have a look around
Then look at what you found
Old poster on your wall so you took it down

Another person in your life moving out of town
Your heart's beginning to race quicker than it pounds
Change in the air ends the routine

Turn off the TV, forget the flu thing
Start the fire with lots of kindling
Roast the radio waves, BITE THE SIZZLING

I see that things were moving too fast
For me to notice that things were moving too fast
This whole time, the rat race, it hunts you

Caught up quick-fast, get gas and gun through
Days, months, and years still to come to
We don't want to be what we can not undo

I'm being carried away to the landfill
In this rat race don't be afraid to stand still (I'm not leavin') x4

Chorus x2

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