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THREE SHEET lyrics : "Stamina"

I'll play all day I'll play all day I'll play all night and all day

With a little bit of grain from the soul

I set goals on being a name that you know
So I sit here thinking of a way to grow
Kinda like "Push", but I changed the flow

And so %#@! aint the same no mo'
Quote unquote Jofo dog play the song
You want real? Here it is, I gotta rhyme to spit

I aint here tryin to waste time n %#@!
Yea I do what I do well, never not proper
And when I'm through they'll say the game got conquered

By the way that statement was bold
Yea I know, but I don't care, !#@* ALL YALL
I wake up early, go to bed late

Little bit of food get me through the whole day
Stamina demands handlin' plans
So listen to the words I'll say again & again

Chorus x2
So keep it movin' (I'll play all day)

Lets keep it movin' (I'll play all day)
Just keep it movin' (I'll play all day)
Don't stop the movement (all night and all day)

I use wordplay Thursday to Thursday
Realign words to make the turn straight

Never spit slurs and I never turn away
I know what it's like to deal with pure hate
Feelin' like home when It burned to the ground

Build another one and let it merge with the sound
Of the song that pounds the brain, I've found the game...
You wanna $#&@ around? I'M DOWN TO PLAY

We can do whatever dog, I know I'm gettin' gone
And I don't care about these tempers that I'm settin' off
This is just the way I do

It's my life I'm singing my own tunes
Giving shouts to my famly I love yall so much that
I can't stop making it a common discussion

Yall be the reason I'm still breathin'
I've been through pain and I stood there bleedin'
I've been betrayed I've been through treason

But I'm still here and the other dude's leavin' (x3)

Chorus x2

In conclusion I've been through abusive times
But I know that you too have been through %#@!

Nobody ever said life was easy
That's why we all strive to live life freely
Try to take it away and things get heated

People are scared of that, so that act conceited
Come off as hard, but they front and don't tag ya
So rap became being the best bragga

Well yall can shoot me dead, make me spill some red
And say I had loose screws in my head
But I know what I live for, I know what I represent

I'll never have regrets whenever I reminisce
$#&@ with my famly then take caution
I'm not that tough, but I might make problems!!

Leave you the same way Bill got sprayed
And I'll never go away like a bill not paid

Chorus x2

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