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THREE SHEET lyrics : "Large Homes"

This is about a man who abandoned his faith
Became a cold soul when god took what he gave
Feeling sorry for himself making minimum wage

Listen up, this is why people sit and complain
I look back at the past with envious eyes
Not my past, the past before I'ze alive

Back when just for honor you were ready to die
Back when passion had no disguise
But those days no longer remain in session

The present is addressed with competitive aggression
Being pressed against the wall has been endless
Real world life issues get the sensor

Real life people talk get detention
And worst of all they say they do it for protection
So yea about that boy, he's doing ok

He's got security now, he's got the dough-ray


He's a lost soul
Livin' in a large home
With a big front yard and a nice car

But he feels a little hallow

He bought a bar, owns a common estate

Has a big front yard with a mafia gate
Yea it took a lot of time to be head of the state
But he made a couple moves, won a couple debates

He was taught well by the system that created him
No mistakes made, he capitalized craniums
Wife and children, nice civilian

Rags to riches, some would say his life was brilliant
But a switch got turned off after he made millions
Wealth turned him into a type of chameleon

Yea the rags felt real unlike the riches
It felt wrong having a gold pot to piss in
Smile painted on his face

Miles away from grace looking for a sign of faith
But the sign never came, looking in the wrong place
Wasn't true to himself so his truth had escaped

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