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THREE LOCO lyrics : "Neato Feat Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty & Riff Raff"

[Verse 1: Andy]
Step in the club, and we lookin' real neato
I be gettin' (*##$es with my blue tuxedo

We're neato, like a giraffe in a speedo
What's up, sonny? Que pasa mijo
Chillin' with Rihanna out in Puerto Rico

She ate my coconut, cause she thought it was a ???

[Verse 2: Riff Raff]

Yeah, neato. I beat up the block like Steven Seagal
Pourin' Pellegrino, driving backwards through Reno
Pointy sided Doritos, go 'head, shoot the free-throw

I pull up at the casino, candy Cheeto steamboat
Desert Eagle (Desert Eagle), flash the Buick Regal
I pull up on you people, buttercream Beetle

Neato, neato

Neato, neato

We're neato, we're neato
Look mom, we're neato
Look kids, we're neato

(We're really neato)

[Verse 3: Andy]

Neato, burrito, hold the chorizo
Snitches get stitches, shout out to Lilo
$#&@ cocaine, my @@#!'s like a kilo

You know I be stacking mo' dough than ???
Your momma sucked my dick, tell her, "Keep it on the d-low"
I keep it underground, you're commercial like Vevo

[Verse 4: Riff Raff]
Case closed, never seen before

Blow it up, C4, hide the Benz by the sea shore
All about to pay some 10-cent casino
Next year, I'm in the movies. (Quentin) Tarantino

I'm in the Costa Rica, piece of Totino's
You got a low self-esteem? You can rent my ego

[Hook x2]

[Verse 5: Dirt Nasty]

Neato, butt-naked in the El Camino
I'm white like Barry, not brown like Nino
Dirt Nasty, don't ask me what's neato

While I'm %#@!tin' on the track like Waka Flocka Seagulls
Don't look through the peephole

Unless you wanna see your grandma sitting on my meat-pole
Locked up in Chino, got shanked by a Latino
For a bag of Hot Fritos, my dick mas piquito

Neato, still whip it like Devo
Cause my dick short and fat like Danny DeVito
Barely legal, hotter than a jalapeno

When she dropped to her knees and did the Tim Tebow

[Hook x2]

Nik Nikkatine


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