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THREE LOCO lyrics : "Bong Hits"

Intro: (Dirt Nasty)

What was that? Alright

Aw yeah baby that's it
The world just got more worse
Cause me, Riff Raff, and Andy got a verse

Andy Milonakis:

Your mom has no legs, Her nickname is no legs
Looked in the fridge and we got no eggs
Gotta go to the store, no homo

But I bought hella meat like mortadella
And prosciutto, and salami
I got you mami, I got you mami

Tell me what ya need and you won't get none of it
I'm a $#&@in' star so you know I'm gonna son a (*##$
Bang my chest out like a cracked out gorilla

Murdered that #~!!@ like a real good thrilla
I be gettin' BJs

On the freeway, make it a three way
Got a sick water game call me Rick Voss
24 carat strings, sick floss

Lip gloss on my big @@#!
Your mom's a dumb (*##$
And she lives in the wigwam

Hook: (x4)

Dirt, Riff Raff, and Milonakis
We runnin' through your pockets
For Xannys and Bong Hits

Dirt Nasty:

Your Dad got no dick, his nickname is no dick
I'm in the water with your (*##$ like a porpoise
Of course it's dirt nasty baby

I was born in a Cadillac, dyin' in Merce-ades
Ladies love my flow, babies eat cookie dough-nuts
Grown ups don't like my raps

But little kids do, that don't have a dad
I $#&@ moms in Winnebagos
Day-glow state shows in San Diego

Yayo get smoked and sniffed
So stay home, if you party like a (*##$

Hook x4

Riff Raff:

Pull up at the barber with the supersonic starter
I don't want your damn daughter she look like Steve Atwater

151 drinks smell like hand grenades
Diamonds on the face, wrist tastes like Steak Escape
Porridge on the side, silver Versace baby rattle

Freckles on the money, count 'em rap game Alfalfa
Whole house Persian I used to shop at Mervin's
... projected to go platinum, might go triple sterling

Sliver past the civilians in a Brazilian caterpillar
Monotone conspiracy, the mammoth tusk Cherokee
Induce labor during therapy in the Katy Perry cherry tree

In the Katy Perry cherry Tree

Hook x4

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