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THOUSAND YEAR WAR lyrics : "Vulture Eyes"

Up above a wretched earth, underneath a star crossed sky
With black wings and darkest shadows underneath my eyes
All that remains in the world below is now a funeral pyre

Fuel the flames and watch it burn as smoke drifts from the fire


Your eyes, your eyes-with your vulture eyes
Denied, denied-all mercy is denied
Com with me and see the world I see

Spread your wings, among these winds be free
Crush your soul, lose control, and devour all you find!

Wait up these broken hills and let the winds sweep the valley beneath
The mounds of dead tell a story of hate for all dying men deceased
Kings and queens of the new empire are laid to rest with steel

These wasted lands are the beginning and end, ashes mark the seal


Take in what you see
Below your black wings

A kingdom built on ruin, now laid in tragedy

The founders of this land are buried in the waste

Memories of them, now the memories of hate

Betray all that you know, sour high above the lands

Rip flesh from all the bodies
In this country of the damned!

There won't be any corner un-reached when we fly into the sky
There won't be any bones untouched by our vulture eyes

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