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Thought Riot lyrics : "Sign Of The Times"

Poison free, now living life so pure.
Tell me, have all your addictions been cured?
When you mark your fist, what? going through your mind?

Is this your new fix?
Ensnared again, confined.

Transference of one addiction to another, you haven? solved a thing.
All you?e done is change the game you?e been playing.
Different equipment, the rules are the same - the goal remains unscathed.

Just looking for acceptance and the power that it brings.

Push your self to higher heights - rise above the herd.

Straightedge isn? the answer if the decision isn? yours.
Push your self higher.
Think about the life you live.

Have your standards been met?
Or have you rooted yourself - cemented in and set.

Projection of your addiction to another; the mind is a powerful tool.
Consume a symbol you?e now become addicted to.
Just one of the pack with a pat on the back, marked fist finger in the air.

Tell me would you, tell me could you, if your friends were not there.

This is my choice; I made it, I live by it.

My life is my own.
This is my choice; I made it, I live by it.
Are you in control?

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