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THOUGHT INDUSTRY lyrics : "Boil"

(I) Eating %#@! As An Occupation

Dennis Hurley, guns and coffee. Lucky strikes.

Suede shoes. Polyester slacks cramped posture.
Staleman, frail hands. Shake caffeine palsy. Lame
veteran korea grips breasts. Wife's breasts. Gorge

bruised nipples. Welted glazed thighs. Half-gallon
bourbon. Slit my intentions. Boil.

Octopus lentils, leeks, lamb cabbage, spinach, squash
pie, prunes, and eggplant, curdled goat's blood milk,
head cheese, rye roast. Peel shrimp fetus cold aborted

daughter. Mormon. Right wing. House wives swallow
dennis' love zanex. Wet sleep dead man. Slit my
aspirations. Boil.

Me be itsy silly fluffy boy. Golly folly. Skippy
trippie pixie slippy toy. Lolly polly. Shoot me.

Rat squeal secrets. Desade roleplay. Whipped skin
hot back. Sidhartha cancer. Tock murders the lorax.

Shower head. Crammed fist. Launch crying children
sprint deceptive off chin. Priss grin. Wipe cream crust
on the red white blue. L. B.J. kiss me. Slit my

occupation. Boil.

(II) Burning Kalamazoo To The Ground With Zippo fluid

Clear filthy water. Dung campus housing. Slumlord
rule. Raise my rent. Pure cutesy water. Strappy vein

bulging tight lamp cord. God of love. Don't travel to
belfast, Ian. Arms poked bony skin. Plum badge of

War hero. Suck. Stick. Right. Pregnant womb K'zoo.
Mud scene pie easy stroking farce. I'm not loyal.

"Step down Mr. and Mrs. Politically Correct. It's so
easy to be "punk" and "aware" living at home. You

can't change %#@!, you're too self-righteous; you're the
bigots you flount to loathe."

Cappuccino, Darvans with vodka. Pente'. Zig Zag.
Courvoisier. Nitrous. Karaoke. Cornbread Patrick.
Albert Hoffman dreams a wind chime. Buck shot.

Limbau swill rot champagne. Swill granola holy. Meth
sneeze blood hurl. Slit my education. Boil light.

Shoot me boy. Love's a prescription love feast.
Let's go sailing Mr. Hurley.

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