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THOSE DARLINS lyrics : "Red light love"

Red light love
Makes my heart stop
Drives me so crazy

I can't even walk
I got a red light love
Hoping every day

He don't green light go
Go go go away

Don't matter where we go
It don't matter how long we stay
As long as I'm sitting next to him everything's gonna be okay

We'll dress up nice, jump in the car, go out and paint the town
We don't worry about getting lost because he knows his way around


Turn on the radio

They play my favorite song
We know we got a way to go
We start to sing along (na na na na)

We go for miles and miles
He takes me far away
We talk and talk and talk

But we never run out of things to say


Some people can't be ??? with the simple things in life
Difference between them and us is we know how to take a ride

Got a car, we got each other
No we ain't hard to please
All we need is a couple of bucks

And a can of gasoline


Go go go away [x3]

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