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Thornafire lyrics : "Offering And Desecration Of Mosheh"

The great moralist with his erected phallus
Showing power & asking for submission
With deception of salvation ask his flock

To follow the profaned command of his god

With illusions the beasts that follow the shepherd

An epitome of domination was given to them
Strangely hidden to the flock
To conceal that Mosheh did it itself

Law of domination
Submission & supremacy

With the flock sunk in total ignorance
Ignoring the false origin of it's law

The worship the newly invented Saviour

And creator of law

Is not god

And creator of law

Jew's Saviour at right hand
Mosheh ling of lies at left hand

And the center lacks of a powerful god

The Jew's Saviour with the crozier in his hands

Sitting in his throne laughing at his flock
Teaching the beast about the worst of sins
Ask her town to kill at his command

The Jew's Saviour with the tables in his hands
Used as a large sword gripped

Dominates an ignorant & inhuman town
With a faked story of a anointed Saviour

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