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Thornafire lyrics : "Curse Of The Supreme"

To those who disregard
What in heaven was a design
To a race made from mud

The sword in flames in the soul of a human being

In fire & in hell we were created

Those created at resemblance
Of a demon with a halo in his forehead

A gift that was grafted in his soul
The key to human race condemnation

Take the present of the Supreme Reason

The reasonable animal

Exact copy of his god
Envy & lie with his brothers
With his gospel prophesying revenge

With the word of a human being
Written in the dialect of the ancient book of horror

Takes in his hands the lives of those don't follow him
Listening to whispers of the damned Saviour

With the obsession of some power
Takes in his hands a piece of human flesh
Lay the foundations of self defense

It sheds blood of his brother

The curse of the Supreme Reason

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