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THORAZINE lyrics : "Blind Eat Tthe Blind"

The System lied; the Vision blind
Your Vision of Controlling the Chaos
Of the Souls survived

Torturing, Torment
Goes on in their lives
Revolt, Oppression

Lives on in their Minds
Bodies in Torment
Scream out in their Pain

Twisted and Tortured
From a mind that is deranged
They are enslaved

The Revolt begun
Exposure of brain
Cannibalistic slaughter

Of the Insane
Factory of Pain
Erupting in flames

The bodies are burning
Screaming in pain
Consuming masses

No way to escape
The burning bodies
Like maggots they rape

Attacking the doctor
Creator of pain
The body of their master

Consumed by their hate
Destroying the Pain
The System lied; the vision blind

Your vision of controlling the Chaos
Of their souls
Has Died.

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