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THOMSON TWINS lyrics : "Watching"

Somebody's watching me
And now i'm nervous and i shouldn't be
Somebody's got their eye on me

Perhaps i should invite him up for tea?
We saw him smoking by the newspaper stand
There's something odd about his gloved left hand

Saw him again inside the old cafe
He makes us tense we wish he'd go away

We are detective
We are select

We are detective
Come to collect
Somebody's after me

He left his footprints by the garden tree

Last night when i got home

I got the feeling i was not alone!
Someone is on our tail
We think they're opening up our morning mail

And now each time the telephone rings
We think of frightening things


We dress up in disguise

To get away from all those prying eyes
Our friends all think we're mad
But we know better cos the spy is bad

Chorus x 2

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