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THOM BROWN lyrics : "Darling, I'm Leaving"

Em)This town's not big enough to hold me
(C)There's nothing left to do
(G)That I haven't already done

(Em)It's close to the city they told me
(C)But the city is small
(G)And I cannot afford the bus

(C)So darling, (E) I'm leaving
(G)There's so much more that I could be

(C)Darling, (E) I'm going
(G)I'm so sick of the English country
(Em)I don't where my life will take me

(G)Who knows where I'll end up?
(E)But if you ever want to find me
(G)I'll (A) keep in (D)touch

I promise to always remember
All the friends I've made

Who were there since I was young
But come the end of September
I'm packing my bags

And I'm going on the run

Of course I'm going to visit
As often as I can
With the busy life I'll lead

Life's not easy, is it?
But staying in one place
Is the last thing that I need

(Em)The more we see
The slower time flies

Exploring the world
Makes you a child for life

(G)London, England
You make feel young
Around each corner

There's stuff to be done

(C)I'm so tired and bored

(Em)Of being bored and tired
(C)The same grey faces
(Em)Fail to inspire

(Em)So London is coming to find me
(C)I don't know how long

(G)It'll take to get there
(Em)I'm leaving everything behind me
(C)But my door's always open

(G)For those of you who care

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