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This Romantic Tragedy lyrics : "Sound Delicious"

Liar I Will Never Be Seen
With what you've done

Before you ever, get to see
What's inside this tragedy.
We've gone to far,

To give up now.
So we'll just

Wait right here.

For all the times,

You always said
That we would never make it.
So this is how,

You cut me out.

November nights, they make me want to say,

The rudest things.
For every moment, and every minute,
That goes by,

It flies by.

It cuts off quick,

Right before it happens
It gets you sick,
It gets you sick

(To my Stomach)
It gets you sick,
Run Away, Run Away

Cut Off,

But The Water,
We will forgive you,
Save This,

We wont be stopped,
Until we get there,
This is all an act.

Now its time to say hello
Cause I don't want you to go and say

Goodbye, say goodbye
(Don't Close Your Eyes)
(Don't Close Your Eyes)

Don't Close Your Eyes

Don't Close Your Eyes

Don't Close Your Eyes
Don't Close Your Eyes

As you grow old

We watch the city burn, as you grow old

(I never say)
You Realize, you're the causing act.
That's two times now

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa