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There Must Be A Way lyrics : "Nobody"

I don't care if you don't love me,
Just try to like me a little bit.

I wrote your last name next to Jenn and
It's a fit.
Your electric and you shock me

Every time we get to close.
I feel high when you are with me
But you leave me low

Cause' nobody loves you

And nobody sees you like I do,
And nobody's fallin'
The way I've fallen for you.

And nobody moves me,
And nothin' else sticks to me like you

And nobody hurts me,
Hurts me like you do

You never teach me any lessons
Cause' I don't want to learn.

At least you hit this good old feelin'
And it burns. (uh huh)

You got the right tools and the right words,
How to pull me right back in.
Then you leave me in confusion

And you always win.


Oh I shy, shy away

Is that ok?
Well I don't know, but you always know
Just what to say

While I quietly admire your every way
I can't kill this fire now,
You have to help me out.


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa