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THEORY OF A DEAD MAN : lowlife lyrics

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THEORY OF A DEAD MAN lyrics : "lowlife"

You know I'll be the one who gets fallin' down drunk
At my neighbor kids soccer game
I got an '82 Fiero with a carseat in the middle

Broken down on the interstate
I got a beer stained T-shirt
Lookin' like Joe Dirt

Somethin' 'bout me just ain't right
I'm a cash-stealin'
Drug dealin' loser without any feeling

Gettin' trailer trashed tonight


'Cause I'm a low life and I'm lovin it
I got the whole world in the palm of my hand
And i'm a low life so $#&@in' deal with it

No you can't change something you don't understand.

I'm thrilled to be a hillbilly

Hate to have to deal with me, probably just end in a fight
No sleeves, can't read, doesn't even phase me
naked sleepin' like a baby tonight


Livin it up, livin it up
And being a lowlife

Livin it up, livin it up

And being a lowlife
Livin it up, livin it up
And being a lowlife

Gun packin' (*##$ smackin'
Mess with me, it's gonna happen

Lovin' life livin' in sin
Passed out on the floor,
Sorry just don't work no more

Givin' up on givin' in
Ahh $#&@ it

'Cause I'm a lowlife and l'm lovin' it and I'm never gonna change for as long as I live
And I'm a lowlife, so $#&@in' deal with it
'Cause deep down ya really know that everyone is

'Cause we're lowlives, and we're lovin' it
We got the whole damn world in the palm of our hand
'Cause we're lowlives, so $#&@in' deal with it

No, you can't change something that you don't understand
I'm livin' it up, livin' it up
And being a lowife

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