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THEME SONG : Team SoloMid lyrics

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THEME SONG lyrics : "Team SoloMid"

Solo, Mid. x8

You know were reppin baylife
easy wins and max RP, you know we're living the life
saying $#&@ it, team house got it, feeders feed me scrub strife

and its all good, we just turn it into more free elo
noobs wish they could be bros

Left the lane with 4k, bought a straight I.E.
with theoddone in yo jungle, steal yo blue for free
duo life is no fun because it's too easy

solo queue like dyrus any role I'll still carry

Full agression is the only way i ever play

regi style with (*##$es on my dick i push your lane
I denied so hard, they banned me from DotA
max stacks on mejai's like I stack AP, $#&@ WotA's

Matched with terror-duo's, Riot tryna slow my roll
they can't stop me, i'm for real bro, so $#&@ the trolls

you can ban the champ, but not the player, heart, or soul
straight to number one i go with $#&@ing cruise control.

Know it's TSM, it's the new OP
the original bros, no fake OGs
even got our own show, cooking top tier meals

to fuel top tier players, cuz this team is for real


Call us imba (*##$, we don't give a $#&@ing %#@!
you can't nerf our skills, the baylife touch is too legit

got the name of a lane, own the whole summoner's rift
taking over the world starts with the fields of justice

Perma killing sprees, pentas when we're playin 3's
legendary kills when we fountain dive stress free
chaox style chaos dazes enemies, they neva phase us

solo queue xspecial tactics make scrubs look like real playas

Baylife, drink nights

throw up, it's aight
bad manners, scrim days
too stronk, big plays

(*##$ we don't meta game, cuz the game meta's us
check the front of the forums, all the threads about us

it's for one simple reason, we got the best $#&@ing fans
and at the end of the season, only one team will stand


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