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THEESTEVEMUSIC lyrics : "The Light"

Verse 1
I'm stuck in this dark cave
Can't see my own hand wave

I've been living in the darkness its like I'm in eternal shade
I love my dying flesh this life I don't wanna trade
I don't love God I love the world

Though it's the world that God has made

I like where I'm at

Not looking to change my path
I walk away from what's good as my whole world fades to black
I cant go any deeper, my sins at the max

Ubiquitous darkness, I think it's too late to turn back

This sin feels good

Doing what I want, not what I should
But all these Christians tell me I'm redeemed by Jesus' blood
They say he's the truth but lies are all I've ever understood

They say he loves me I laugh cause there's no way he ever could

Chorus 1

But now I'm looking for the light to guide me outta here
Cause I don't know where I am or where I'm going only my past is clear
I've made many mistakes now I want out of this place

Even with a mirror I cannot see my face
I'm so deep in the dark
All I need is a spark

Give me a defibrillator, quick start my heart

Verse 2

Deep down my stomach kicks
I think I'm getting sick
Sin don't feel so good once you realize it's temporary bliss

I've been hearing lies from Satan I can hear him hiss
The great deceiver is a snake, all my bones he wants to break
Just like he spit fibs when he spoke to Adam's rib

He speaks to me it sounds so sweet but the life he offers me is so bleak
I almost buy the lie he's selling cause I've been in this cave my whole life
But I look deep down the tunnel I think I can see a light

Chorus 2
Now I'm following the light, I just hope it guides me outta here

For the first time in my life I think my future is looking clear
Forget my past mistakes I'm leaving this wretched place
As I draw closer to the light , I start to see a face

He greets me with warm embrace
I cannot believe this
He says Welcome home my son you can call me Jesus

What? Why? I've known about you for so long
I refused to believe you were real

I rejected you
Cursed your name
And you still want me?

Verse 3
You loved me when I was lying

Held me when I was crying
You wiped the tears from my eyes
To hold them back I was trying

You found me when I was hiding
Rescued me from the den of lions
You saved my life when I was so close dying

All this you did for me before I even knew you
When the road split I never chose the one that lead to you
But It didn't matter cause I was walking ahead of you

You walked behind me and watched me as I rejected you
You pursued me my whole life
And though you weren't in my sights

It didn't matter to you
Through it all you stuck by my side
This love is unheard of

This love reminds me of
Nothing because it is an incomparable love
Incomparable unconditional and undeserving

You watched me all the times that Satan and I were flirting
But you didn't walk out
In fact you walked in
To my life
Ended my plight

I'm leaving the darkness cause I'm choosing the light

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