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THEBOSSHOSS : Killers lyrics

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THEBOSSHOSS lyrics : "Killers"

The order is for murder,
And we've been there before,
The men in black are coming back,

To serve the killing floor,

No pity, no surrender,

We take no prisoners,
We spare no brave defender,
No mercy, no quarter here

The killers,
Will show you flame and sword,

We are the killers,
Enough to make your backbone shake,
The killers,

Enough to make your stupid faces quiver,
And the killers long to take your life

The sun beats down like thunder,
We ride to meet the foe,
The clash of steel and leather,

The only song we know,

No pardon, no quarter,

We own to no compassion,
We glory in the slaughter,
No mercy, we fetch your death,

The killers,
We are the ones foretold,

We are the killers,
We do not yearn for gold,
We are the killers,

We know the wrath of battle,
We are killers,
And the killers will destroy your life,

The devil rides to glory,
We hasten by his side,

A legendary story,
Told by fireside,

No quarter, let all hope fade,
We glory the slaughter,
Our badge the Ace of Spades,

No mercy, we bring the sword

The killers,

We murder you in battle,
We are killers,
We ride you down like cattle,

We are killers,
We fight our way to legend,
We are killers,

And the killers love to see you die,


We kill you til you die,
We are the killers,
We hold our banners high,

We are the killers,
We hang you out to die,
We are the killers,

And all we bring death to life.

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