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Thebandwithnoname lyrics : "Without You Within Me"

People always ask me
How do make a hit record
And i tell them, it's you

The public who make hit records

But here's what i do

Now i get a little beat
And i get a little song
And i get a little group

Then the band comes along


That's all, that's all
That's all, that's all
That's all i need

To make a hit record

Then i met a man

With a long cigar
I said, look here, man
I wanna be a star

Listen to my beat
Listen to my song

Now dig the group
Ain't that pretty
Man, we can't go wrong

[repeat chorus]

Well, he made me sign
The paper for twenty years
But i didn't mind that paper

Cause the people cheered
When they heard my beat

Ah, hit it, brother

When they heard my song

When they dug the group
Go on, children
Well, it didn't take long

[repeat chorus]

Now, i'm walking on air
I ain't got a care
Said, why don't you

Try the same thing too

Just get a little beat

Go on and get it, brother
Get yourself a song
Now dig the group

Man, you can't go wrong

[repeat chorus]

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa