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Theatre Of Tragedy : Astray lyrics

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Theatre Of Tragedy lyrics : "Astray"

Switch to another dream, to a quiet spite
Think back at some time when there was a fading touch
Colour me white and paint the vistas grey

Everyday there's an electric ray of all too many shimmer-lights

And I can see another time

Another face, forgotten days

I can see another time -- another time, a setting sun

I can see another place -- a rising sun

Let's get this to work again

Take our souls to the everlasting parade
I never saw it coming this way -- to an end
But now there's nothing left behind

Let's all begin

I see it slip away

A dream that fades away
Don't let them lead you far and astray

Keepsakes of past years, unravelled by phone
And the fog is a traveller through the inner city zones
A million pictures painted on the pavement stones

That get soft like words through the smoke

And I can see another time

Another face, forgotten days

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