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THE YOUTUBE SONG lyrics : "Original Song"

School's a drag
Your job is bad
And there's so much work to be done

And all you really want to do
Is open your browser and launch YouTube
You know time is ticking away,

But you're still watching Alex Day,
Inbox 1 reload the page,
A new video? Work can wait!

We are the YouTube army,

A ukulele band, with cameras in our hands


We are the masters of procrastination,
A bunch of fangirls are coming your way
Subscribers across the nation

All over the world, we DFTBA
Hey, we are the YouTubers!

Like it, favourite, comment share,
H8ERZ GONN H8 but we don't care!
Subscriber count is cool and all,

But we're a family overall,
If you're here to judge, walk out the door,
Cause you're not welcome anymore

We're smart, creative, quite persuasive,
We have more fun than anyone

Bridge and chorus

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