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THE WOMACK FAMILY BAND lyrics : "Nothing"


To change the sight of all you see, Child

Imagine a landscape so find.
'till you're swimming in the sea of diamonds,
Without ever spending a dime.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.
Nothing, but a whole lot of time.


To rise above the clouds and be free, Babe
Forget about your doubts and your fears.
'Cause what is there to be afraid of

With the arms of your love waiting near?

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.

Nothing, but a whole lot of tears.


From the mountain down to the valley
Heard and echo alive like a bird.

And in her light I took the hand of freedom,
as I sank my feet deep into the earth.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.
And I can't tell you what it's worth.


If I spend my days always wondering

How different our love could have been,
I tried to understand your pain, Ma
The pain I drew silently in.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.
Nothing but a whole lot to bend.


To escape your fate is a cheat, my Friend
I whispered as you turned your head.
There is nothing so stubborn

As your own defeat
And I quietly went back to bed.

It's nothing, nothing, nothing.
Nothing left here to ever end.

© Haley Heyman, Far Around Music (BMI)

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