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THE WOMACK FAMILY BAND : Down The Line lyrics

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THE WOMACK FAMILY BAND lyrics : "Down The Line"


Sue struts around town

She's got her makeup on today
To face all the gray.
Sue likes to chase clowns.

How long will this go on?
'Til she sees, they're all the same.

It don't matter the season.
Susie knows just what she wants,
Susie's cup fills up with rain.

Saw her waiting on the corner,
The girl's been begging for change.

Oo, begging for change.


Susie listens to the radio
The mindless motion leaves a lasting phase.

Susie practices her motor skills,
Left Right Left
Is that army's pace.


It don't matter if your step is out of time,
They'll recruit anyone,
as long as you have lost your mind.

Susie's waiting for her uniform,
Just tell the girl where to sign.

One by one, down the line.
Tell Miss Susie where to sign.


Susie's starving for a microphone,

To give a voice to her pent up pain.
Susie's life is spinning like a wheel,
Nothing's new and nothing's changed.


It don't matter that you win or that you lose.
Point your eyes up to the sky,
You know you've got nothing to prove.

Let me tell you what I believe,
I believe in you.

You can have the life that you choose.
I believe in you.

© Haley Heyman, Far Around Music (BMI)

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