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THE WOMACK FAMILY BAND : Anything lyrics

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THE WOMACK FAMILY BAND lyrics : "Anything"


Between the wood and the hour glass,

Underneath the rain you soundly slept.

Born into my shaking hands,

I wanted to give you everything.

But I can't, not yet.

I don't have anything.


Through my touch you felt alive,
But it's your movement I'm captured in.

Your whispers dance like lullabies,
My clumsy ears won't hear them.

But I'll wait for you.
And I won't ask for anything.


So we end where we began,
I never minded the sound of that.

Each wave must wash the sand
And silence doesn't last for long.

So I'll stay for you.
'Cause I can't lose anything.

© Haley Heyman, Far Around Music (BMI)

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