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THE WINERY DOGS : Not Hopeless lyrics

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THE WINERY DOGS lyrics : "Not Hopeless"

I wanna take on the world.
Bring them down to the ground.
Whatever comes with the fall.

Turn it Upside down!
(Pre chorus)
Suing yourself. A word from the wise.

Your making your hell. You gotta know that you don't have nine lives!
Open the door, there's nothing to lose anymore, whenever your believed in before, you know it's not hopeless.

Come on pick yourself up, off the floor, and find out what your really fighting for, whatever your believed in before, you know it's not hopeless.
I don't have anything here. Nothing I can't live without. The road is so very clear. And I don't have any doubts!

(Pre chorus)
You live with the pain, and keep on tempting your fate. Our futures the same, you wanna know that it's never too late.

New plan, so follow if you can. See her, yesterday is over. New man, the futures in your hands, see now, how to make it sober. Because yesterday is over!

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