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THE WILL, THE WAY : I'll Believe It, When I See It lyrics

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THE WILL, THE WAY lyrics : "I'll Believe It, When I See It"

I'm getting tired of all your cliches
you're building your walls
you're building them up

around so you can stay darling
is this what you wanted it to come to

when i gave you my heart
you turned it to stone
you played it and broke it

then made it your home
but with God as my witness
i won't let you do this

you're only digging yourself
deeper and deeper into darkness

By now you're dead
dead in the water
where i left you far behind

i hoped you could swim
this was not the master plan
i knew you'd never understand me

look in my eyes
never forget the truth

so i guess it's time
we said our goodbyes

cause after all of this
you can't even apologize
for all the times

all the lies
everything you ever said was dead
before it came out of your mouth

I'll believe it when i see it
my choice is made so $#&@ you

believe it when you see it
believe me i won't save you

believe me we won't be the answer

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