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Feel the presence of your life slipping away
As you sink into the abyss
Weight crushing down on your chest

As the pressure builds in your head

You look to the surface and pray for revenge

You never could see past your own ego
This should be a dream come true

For all eternity will be spent with no one but you

There is substance in this silence

What a sight for us to see
The whole town gathered around

Lets rid ourselves of this filth
Bind the pig and crack your whips

The deviant sank with a grin and a tongue speaking of sin
Leaving behind a sick twisted legacy
This world is cursed with the spawn of a madman

There is substance in this silence
All future hope dies in a childs hands

The devil drifts out of sight
No more shall they speak of this

In there silence they hear the wind
Carrying desires of doom unknown to the town
The people stop as a baby cries

The ground shakes and the future dies

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa