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The Weepies : Not A Lullaby lyrics

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The Weepies lyrics : "Not A Lullaby"

This is not a lullaby,
one that makes you close your eyes

Here's a song that will not try
to hold you in my arms

This is not a true love song,
one that lifts your heart along
Because you know it's being sung

to hold you in my arms

The rain it falls

right outside your door
and you know if you call
I'll be there, I'll be there

whatever you call me for

This is just a quiet tune,

to bring the light into your room
When I'm not right in front of you
to hold you in my arms

This is not a lullaby
to keep the clouds out of the sky,

to be sure you will not cry
when I hold you in my arms
I'm gonna hold you in my arms

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