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THE VERONICAS lyrics : "We Are One"

Don't know what we're fighting for
Who'd have known we'd fall
A second's too late

Crashed down (?) the ground
Did you hear the sound
Of a smile that is fading?

When will it go?
When will it stop?
There's a whirlwind in my head

A part of me
Still lives for you
So don't ever forget

'Cause I belong

I believe
We are one
You and me

But we keep on falling
Into silence
Out of love

Out of time
What will it take
'Til you realize?

'Cause you know it's killing me
To be left unseen

Hey you
What's running through your head?
Is Cupid lying dead

While I'm sitting here waiting?
And all the stupid little things
That belong to you and me

Will you really throw them all away?


I'm the one that's been tryin'
You left it all up to me

And I won't waste another day
'Til you believe
That maybe I've been mistaken

And didn't you ever need
Is the truth behind the words you said to me

But we keep on falling
Into silence...


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