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THE TIRED AND TRUE lyrics : "Art f**k city"

Beautiful girl what makes your heart go tick? You're forever away but who gives a %#@!? We were only three years younger. Crazy for each other. Tonight's the night. We'll relive the ties. Hearts beating fast. We'll love the life. Tonight we'll ride the T form point A until point B. You're the reason I'll move up to Boston to start a new life. I've had about enough of this bull%#@! art f**k city. If you've still got love to give I wish you'd send it all my way, I'm only half the boy that I could be with you. You're a light I cant turn off. Inside my head is where you'll stay until I get the nerve to tell you how you burn a hole in me when you walk by. I can't believe you had the time to answer all my calls. Only you can improve conditions for me tonight.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa