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THE Thermals lyrics : "When we were alive"

We closed our minds
We shut out traps
We built a house

The house collapsed
We sold the wood
And bought the farm

Now we got a place
In the dirt
In the backyard

We were stronger alive
We always smote our foes

Won in a landslide
Ran unopposed
Piss drunk on power and cheap wine

We used to waste the world
Just to waste our time

Now the spirit is strong
But the flesh is weak
Death is long

The living are laughing
Spit on our grave, we don't mind
We're bad as ash

You should've seen us in our prime

When we were the earth

When we were alive
When we were the rules
When we were the ends

Yeah we were fools
But I still had my friends

We couldn't stay
We didn't try
We didn't cry

When we were alive
When we were alive

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa