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THE Thermals lyrics : "How we fade"

I've seen a ceiling of screens
Shaped like clouds in the sky
I saw a wall, it was all between me

And where I'll lie
I laid on a bed with my head
Spinning zero and one into two

Dreaming of you
And how we fade

I laid in a shower of color and numbers
And numbers and words
I opened my eyes and my ears and my eyes

And I saw and I heard
I opened my mouth, nothing came out
Nothing at all I could do

Dreaming of you
And how we fade

I dug a hole
It was only as deep
As the ground I had known

I fell asleep
Just so I wouldn't be left to die all alone
I opened my mouth, hoping to shout

Hoping the words were true

Dreaming of you

Dreaming of you
And how we fade

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa