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The Teddy Bears lyrics : "I Don't Need You Anymore"

Have you ever seen a girl with a ring?
Her heart is happy, some boy made her sing,
Then all at once her love is gone

And all he said was, "I don't need you anymore."

Have you ever seen that same girl cry?

The one she loves has said goodbye,
And as she listens with tears in her eyes
He simply tells her "I don't need you anymore."

Yes, it was I
My love said goodbye

I still see his face
Everywhere, everyplace;
I always dream of when

He'll take me back again.

He hurt me so, but in time

I'll learn to forget, drive him out of my mind,
I could go on hoping but what for?
I know it's true, he doesn't need me anymore.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa