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The Sword lyrics : "Life On The Sharp Edge"

I'd like to set the record straight I ain't got time to waste
So don't even try to reform me
From the beginning I was never a child

Had to fight my way I was hardly alive
Day after day I couldn't turn away

Don't ever try to change what you can't understand
Live your life on the sharp edge

I can see the light of day and glory may cross my way
It's a hard life to live and to love

But I guess you know that from the first day
I was bound to win I ain't a loser
I'm willing to sin, nothing can stop me

Aiming for the top of the world


I don't believe in written laws
Why should we try to equal god

There's a beast within each and everyone
So when you come across the likes of me you better stay out of trouble
I ain't got what you need leave me alone

Never say never again

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa