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The Sword lyrics : "Dare To Spit On My Grave"

Looking back in dreams of darkness
Through the corners of my wicked mind
Something there is dying to tell me

Evil ways, hell is to pay

When you stop to look in the future

When you try to get in the past
Unknown forces will one day raise you
Either way hell wants you to pay

Hey, hey it's coming your way, dare you to spit on my grave
Hey, hey, hell is to pay, dare you to spit on my grave

I will take your sweet dreams with me
Your nightmares will come true

And when you find the keys to madness
I will pray for you

Dare you to spit on my grave

I will hear you scream for mercy

When you shout in the night
But if you whisper for my protection
It will please me just fine

Dare to spit on my grave
And you better beware

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa