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The Sweet Escape lyrics : "Ready or Not"

[Verse 1]
Call the doctor,
Is there a diagnosis for this.

Holding love,
Has put bruises under my wrist.
And I can't find,

What I'm looking for.

Screamin' loud your wakin' me at midnight,

No go I need to take that long drive.
Follow me though.

Hold on for dear life,
You told me that one time.

Ready or not,
Here I come.

And you know it's okay,
Cause I'll be here anyway.

Through everything,
Through everything.

And I'll hold you close,
That way you'll always know.
Through everything,

It'll be okay.

[Verse 2]

These city lights seem a little dimmer,
When your around our story seems to differ.
Now I'm on my own

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