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The Sweet Escape lyrics : "Don't Think Twice"

[Verse 1]
That time you lost your mind,
I pulled you aside and said.

Everybody makes mistakes.

It's all good and I'd be lying,

If I told you that she was.
Better in every way.

So what's the point in moving on,
When clearly all you've worked for.
Is at a stand still.

And I refuse,
to continue.

To watch this,
Happen to you.



She's got all the boys goin crazy,
Never thought he'd have a chance.
With the one who's fake,

Makin every mistake.
He's lost in her romance.

And all he wants,
And all he needs.
Is to decipher,

If she's just a little liar.
Who will always leave.

[Verse 2]
I couldn't imagine a time,
When inside you'd say.

Just go don't worry.

It's those kinda things that hurt your life,

And her conscious would turn dirty.

Just promise me,

Everything will be okay.
I'd hate to see,
What's up your sleeve.

I know your better off anyway.

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