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THE SUICIDE MACHINES lyrics : "Split The Time"

What were you doing when you sis the things you did
what were you saying when you said the things you
said no I can't comprehend anything you're saying I

don't understand this $#[email protected] up game you're playing
OK we've come full circle and are you willing to stand
by what you said cuz I'm not willing to go around and

around with you any longer


It's time to split the time It's time to split
the time It's time to split the time between you and
me can't you see

If we can just agree to disagree instead of fighting
all the time without ever understanding I never have

a clue what you're ever $#[email protected] thinking you don't
make sense you talking nonsense all day

[Chorus 2x]
I know we'll get by this time I know we'll get by
everything is gonna be alright it's gonna be OK [2x]

[Chorus 2x]

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa