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THE SUICIDE MACHINES lyrics : "Kaleidoscope"

Didn't I express my regrets about the
way things are and I think I might not be taken
this too far this time I hope that you can

understand this time I hope that you can see it
Didn't I tell you everything about me
didn't I show you can you feel it got

so many thoughts and words inside my
head inside my head
Didn't I do enough to make you feel so

sad and you know I'm sorry about the
fights we had so long I'm sorry everything
went wrong goodbye you'll never have to see me

Didn't i tell you we'd never last

forever cuz we change our minds like changes
in the weather now it's all over even
though we've come so far we've come so far

Everything went wrong emotional feed back
we're so confused everything's gone so wrong

with my heart in my throat I know it's time t
to grow up
I know that you and I would never last and

all this time it went by much to fast I never
listened to a word they said remember
me and don't cry cuz

[Chorus 2x]

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa