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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "Swords and pens"

Shovel the coal in this fire ignite and conspire. Still doesn't mean that I'm not in your head. I'm falling in and out again. Slipped up and cared too much again. I must wake up move on and mend. Instead of wasting so much time here. Cause I've grown up only to hate my own bed. I figure I'll just sleep when I'm dead. Despite what you heard I know what I said. I understand it was harsh but guess what. I'm falling in and out again. Taking the deepest of breaths. Frustration doubles with stress. Lying prone in this mess. Put yourself in my place for just one day. Watch all the colors in your spectrum fade grey. More aware than ever that I might never be calm again. And it shakes every f**king bone. Trying to do the right thing on my own. So I let the ink tell you how I come to grips with all of this. I'm getting too old for this. What do you know, my shoes are my own. Tread the granite till you find some kind of place to call home. We're never gonna be the same again. Bury me I'm not your friend. You have your sword I've got my pen. Measuring might is a means to an end. Not broke, just bent.

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