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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "Roam"

Give up and go home. Alone, and suffer some more. This head of stone let's no one in anymore. My effort is never enough. I'll start unpacking all of my stuff. Cause I've come to know my place. So let's wreck everything I've built except the base. You have no idea how unproductive it is to fall in and out of you as often as I do. And lately I've been feeling grey but today. I'm alright no thanks to you. Think I'll go and roam ou side your boundary. Walk on the ridge. Far away from the city. Friends of friends prove untrustworthy. Be gone, just like you were at the last party. No SOS until the bottles are empty. Now my hunger isn't wasted anymore. Cause I'm younger but im tired and I'm sore. I know where you've been.You're ruining men. Never again will I let someone in.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa