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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "Playing The Victim"

Crushing you inside of my grip again
You're breathing in
Pushing this aside till when?

Ignoring that pain
Felt you creep inside of my head again
It all depends on where I am and who I'm there with

It's rough when we're both square one
With so much undone, who lost and who won?

All rain, no sun

Don't want to have to speak to anyone

Said this will kill if you let it
Somehow I forget

I should be asleep I shouldn't be upset
Playing the victim
While you're still here

Blaming the future on the things I fear

Waking up to gloom and routine again

You're breathing in
That air that dries your lungs
But you kept our trust

And said do what you must to be happy
And I left with a debt that called me
Out quick to be honest with it all

So now I just sing about missing this and missing that
but what will it really bring?

Just a special circumstance
Where in lies the worst part that I can't accept
Coming up on Fall

are there things we haven't spoke on yet?
Said you won't regret
But you and I are one in the same

Don't want to have to feel numb
I don't want this undone
Don't want to have to speak to anyone

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa