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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "Framework"

I still think on you, the place, the time
And all the solitude
There's nothing I hate more

Than pushing you away with my $#[email protected] up attitude
I've been counting paces
Since the last time we touched faces

It's a lot like trading spaces
Where I'm the dormant one and you're away

How'd this happen?
Found your way in
So distracting

Splitting me in half again

Can't ever sever the ties I made

The knots are strong
The framework's laid
No matter how many things I save

The tangible will always be what I crave
But I've been resting cases
And writing just to erase this

It used to just seem so basic
When I knew every single word to say

Thought I'd burn the seams if they frayed
Thought I'd prove the point that I made
However long you've gone I will wait

I will wait

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa