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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "Closure"

Say what you need to say for the last time. State all the premises figuring you'll be just fine. So I'll get mine you get yours and if we're both happy its settled forevermore. Holding the impression of a man when I was still a boy. Said no regrets but its hard not to feel any remorse. I'm still debating whether I have even found the source. Of all my discomfort and blunt discourse.But I know what I want and don't need what I get. I invest my ideas but get swallowed in debt. And the only release is to yell and to sweat. Until my clothes are soaking wet. Stay under my skin.Tear me limb from limb. Plague me to an end. I can't believe I always thought I would be there for you. For now I'll learn and settle for less. Shut my eyes and get some rest. Feel the pulse beneath this sunken chest. And maybe one day I can be there for you. Isn't it true that if it hadn't been for me you'd still have no place to fall. And all this time I thought I knew. When I had no idea at all.All is fair in love and war.You have your gifts some say their poor. But I don't care about any of that anymore. Let us depart and return when we have grown some more. I wish I could say that I've seen this before. The depth of the bottom the taste of the floor. It leaves me restless and tired and sore. But you won't break my mind just yet. I battle this alone. I don't want to haunt you. I just want to grieve. I don't want to haunt you. I just want to leave.

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