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THE STORY SO FAR lyrics : "All Wrong"

I doubted the way that the space could be filled for so long
I was so headstrong that maybe just maybe I was dead wrong
Tried to see if I could speak about it

And now don't know how to live without it right in the dent of my chest
Feeding off your mind cause you know best
And craving the days with you and your bed that wait back west

It's never enough, no it's never enough, no it's never enough

It's no fun to play this song

So I'm done
You said I got it all wrong
But I'm sure everything we did before

Doesn't really matter anymore
It's no fun to play this song
So I'm done

I know I got it all wrong
So I'm sure everything I did before

Woke up covered in the sweat again
Worry and fog the lens
No solace I miss the $#[email protected] out of all my friends

I think back to sleeping on the back bench
Wish I'd let the absence tell them all the things that I can't
And now it's all just patience

My father told me don't pass this up
And take all the luck you can get
It's never enough

Caught you leaving
You were high in the ceiling

On your own
Dodge your demons
Take your reasons

With you when you go

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa